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Maas Makelaars has almost a century of experience in the Eindhoven real estate market. As one of the oldest and most reliable real estate agencies in Eindhoven, we will continue to lead the way in 2023. Our wide network in the region makes us the ideal choice, whether you want to buy or sell your home.

Our passionate team, led by Joris Maas, consists of experienced NVM brokers and appraisers. They work every day to make our customers’ living dreams a reality. Our expert office staff supports them and acts as the first point of contact. Many of our clients have had a relationship of trust with our real estate agency for generations, and we are genuinely proud of that.

The real estate agent in Eindhoven for you

Maas Makelaars is a driven office with the mission to optimally represent the interests of our customers when purchasing or selling their home. We have extensive market knowledge, years of experience and embrace creativity and innovation both online and offline. Our customers reap the benefits of our dedication. We strive for an efficient and transparent purchasing or sales process to relieve you as much as possible. Our goal is not to be the largest, but to buy or sell every home, apartment or villa at the most favorable conditions and the best price. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we hope that you will contact us again for your next home, because that is our ultimate success.

All brokerage services under one roof

Are you looking for a reliable NVM broker in the Eindhoven region? At Maas Makelaars our customers rate our services with a 9+. You can contact us for the sale, purchase and rental of homes. We also provide expert appraisals and have our own office for mortgage advice and insurance. In short, Maas Makelaars offers a full range of real estate agency services under one roof. That’s convenience and confidence in one!



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Your real estate agent in Eindhoven for almost 100 years

Real estate is a beautiful specialist profession with a rich history. In the past, real estate agents even had to be sworn in by the court, and the title “Real Estate Agent” was legally protected. Although this title was unfortunately abolished in 2002, we at Maas Makelaars understand the importance of professional services, rooted in knowledge and experience.

At Maas Makelaars we are proud that we have our NVM membership and that our real estate agents are highly educated (HBO) and registered with vastgoedcert, the quality register of real estate agents. Our appraisers are also affiliated with the NWWI (Dutch Housing Value Institute) and the NRVT (Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraiser). In addition to knowledge, we understand that experience is invaluable in this profession.

Annual further training is an integral part of our working method. We keep our expertise up to date, and this includes not only legal issues and construction engineering, but also the nuances of sustainability in homes. The practical experience we have gained over the years adds a deep understanding to our services.

In the dynamic real estate market, we do everything we can to achieve the best possible transactions for our customers. Although the sales price is very important, it goes further than that for us. We have an eye for detail and attach great importance to open and clear communication. Our purchase agreements comply with the strict guidelines of the NVM, GDPR and WWFT. We understand that real estate is not just about knowledge, but also about the art of experience.


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Curious about what our real estate agency can do for you? Please contact us for a personal consultation without obligation. Our enthusiastic team of real estate agents, mortgage advisors and employees is ready to serve you. We would love to welcome you to our office for a cup of coffee! Would you prefer that we contact you? Please complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

    Real estate agent in Eindhoven | International

    Although our office is located in Eindhoven, our work has become increasingly international. Due to the enormous growth of ASML and other High Tech companies, there are many international buyers and sellers from all over the world in the Eindhoven housing market. Every country and culture has its own customs, including when it comes to buying and selling homes.

    As a real estate agent who works a lot with international buyers and sellers, it is important that you know what is going on internationally and what the customs are “at home”. In this way we benefit our clients.

    We are a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS®) and affiliated with a large international network of real estate agents worldwide.

    The MMCEPI certificate shows that our organization meets the standard set by the European CEPI. CEPI (Confédération européenne de l’immobilier) is an international association based in Brussels. Members are European-based national associations representing real estate agents and property managers. CEPI aims to raise and promote standards in the profession so that real estate brokerage and property management is carried out by qualified professionals with high ethical standards.