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Purchase broker

Buying a house is an exciting affair. Especially in the hectic and ever-changing housing market in the Netherlands. As an experienced purchase broker in the Eindhoven region, we are happy to be at your side during this important event. With almost 100 years of experience, you are in good hands with us.

Why a buyer’s agent?

Of course you can also buy a house without a buyer’s agent. However, a good purchase broker ensures that you are completely unburdened when buying your dream home. In addition, you always have a point of contact and advisor at your side for all home-related topics, but also someone who knows everything about the neighborhood, the facilities and sustainability. As a broker, we are used to negotiating on a daily basis, we know the market, the (local) customs, the players and we get the best deal out of the fire for you.

With your own Purchasing Coach and a whole team of brokers, we can also switch quickly if necessary. If you use our mortgage advisor, the lines are extra short and we can do a financial check for each home.

The purchasing process in 5 steps


1. Intake & introduction

During a personal appointment at our office or digitally via Teams or Zoom, we get to know each other and make an inventory of your housing wishes. We look at your wishes in terms of neighborhood, facilities, properties of the home and the available budget.

We also clearly indicate whether your wishes are realistic or whether we need to make adjustments or enlarge the search area. We check with each purchase customer whether we can accept the order at that time. If we have many searchers with virtually the same search profile, we cannot accept all assignments due to the risk of a conflict of interest.

During the introductory meeting, the cost aspect will of course also be discussed and we will make a clear proposal.

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2. The Quest

Together with our Purchasing Coach, a search profile is created in Copaan.nl. With this unique tool you can find a house faster and you will also see homes that are not yet on Funda. Thanks to a good algorithm, you immediately see the homes that are a good match, at any time of the day. If there is a house that appeals to you, we will schedule a viewing together and we will already delve into the house and its surroundings. This way we can advise you properly after the viewing. Is there serious interest? Then we will develop a bidding strategy. You know exactly where you stand during the entire process.

3. Bidding and negotiating

You have found the house of your dreams. But what should you offer now? If you are not involved in real estate on a daily basis and do not know all the ins and outs of the market, this is a difficult question. As a buyer’s agent, we can optimally advise you on the right offer. A good offer is realistic and promising. With a well-thought-out and smart bid, you significantly increase the chance of a successful purchase. We will of course include important conditions in the negotiation, if necessary. This includes resolutive conditions for financing, delivery date and a structural inspection.

4. Capture

Is there a verbal agreement? Then we are one step further, but no official purchase agreement has yet been concluded. We ensure that the purchase agreement drawn up by the sales agent is in line with the agreements made and that it is sound. You can then sign the purchase agreement with confidence and make the purchase final. The signing can be done in person at our office or digitally if you have less time.

5. The key transfer

The day of the key transfer is a festive moment. We plan a final inspection with you before we go to the notary. During this inspection, we perform a number of checks and take the meter readings. Have any points of interest been identified? Then we record this together with the selling party. If everything is in order, we can go to the notary for the transfer of your dream home!

Meet up sometime?
We would like to invite you for a personal introduction and we will see what your options are.

What is Copaan?

We have been working with Copaan since the beginning. This handy platform, which is linked to the NVM database, makes it easier to search for your dream home. With numerous useful functions you are on top of the market and we watch with you. You will be the first to see the new offer here and you can immediately switch with us.

You can also keep track of everything on your phone via a handy app.

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