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Appraisal in the Eindhoven region

You may need an appraisal of your home for various purposes. The most common purpose is a valuation for a financing or refinancing application. The lender wants a comprehensive report to see what the collateral is worth. Funding may or may not be provided on this basis.

In addition, there are also other situations in which a valuation report with a proper valuation is necessary. For example, in the event of an inheritance, divorce or legal dispute. For decades we have been engaged for a reliable valuation in Eindhoven and the surrounding area.

NWWI Appraisal

As an experienced NVM appraiser, we can help you quickly and professionally in the Eindhoven region. Our NWWI validated reports meet the highest standards and are accepted by all lenders.

The NWWI is a validation institute recognized by the Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen (NHG). The validation standards have been drawn up by the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers (NRVT) and laid down in the ISO 9001:2015 addendum.

Our method

As an experienced appraiser, we pay attention to all facets of the home. Think of architectural matters, legal and public law restrictions, the zoning plan, any VVE and of course the location. During the on-site recording, we take notes and measure everything. Photos are also taken of the various parts, facade views and spaces. This is mandatory for validation. At the office we do the further investigation and work everything out in the valuation report.

We aim to deliver a validated valuation report within a few days of the recording. In some cases, more research is needed and we will always contact you. If there is a lot of urgency, we can take into account a desired deadline in consultation.

If not all necessary documents have been supplied, such as the data of an Owners’ Association, we cannot further elaborate the valuation report. It is therefore important to leave the requested documents after making the appointment for a smooth and fast process.

Our work area

In addition to Eindhoven, we also value homes in Best, Nuenen, Son en Breugel, Veldhoven, Waalre and Geldrop, among others. In principle, we can appraise all homes within a radius of 20 km from our office in Eindhoven. Is your home more than 20 km from our office? Then we cannot take on the valuation due to the NWWI regulations and the lesser knowledge of the local housing market.

Market value

“The estimated amount for which property would transfer on the valuation date between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction, after proper marketing and where the parties acted knowledgeably, prudently and not under duress”

What does an appraisal cost?

A good valuation is a time-consuming job and subject to strict guidelines and protocols. We only carry out home appraisals that are always validated at the NWWI. This is how we guarantee the high quality of our valuations.

We can usually carry out a home appraisal for financing from € 695 including VAT. The validation costs at the NWWI amount to € 51.97

Calculation example:

Appraisal of a well-maintained house of 150 m2 living space. Purpose: Financing

–        Appraisal costs € 695,–

–        NWWI costs € 51.97

–        Total costs including VAT and validation €746.97

Surcharges apply to special purposes, starting points, apartment rights, overdue maintenance and large objects. We are happy to make you a competitive offer without obligation.

Bouw Makelaar

Urgent appraisal

Are you in a hurry with the appraisal? No problem if we know what to value, when we can go and for what purpose, we can give you a good indication when the report can be ready. (We depend on the lead times at the NWWI)


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