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Sales broker

Are you going to sell your house or apartment in the Eindhoven region? The enthusiastic brokers of Maas Makelaars are ready for you. We have been active as a real estate agency in Eindhoven since 1929 and in all those years we have experienced everything in the regional housing market. With our leading approach and experienced employees, we unburden you and realize the best deal for you.

Sales plans?

Do you have sales plans? Then Maas Makelaars is the broker for you. Together we make a sophisticated sales plan that takes into account your wishes and personal situation. After an extensive market analysis, you will receive a realistic picture of the housing market, a price indication and a competitive personal offer. That way you know exactly where you stand.

Do you have questions about the sales process? Then make an appointment for a personal meeting. Are you very curious and do you want to know immediately what your house is worth? Then do our free online valuation. Use our tool and find out within 5 minutes how much your house is worth in the current housing market.

Your sales plan

Maas Makelaars’ sales plan consists of 5 steps:

1. Sales strategy & wishes

Based on our (confidential) conversations, we get a clear picture of your wishes with regard to the sale. Of course everyone wants to sell for the best price, but maybe there are other things that are important to you. For example, does the house need to be sold quickly? Does a long acceptance period apply? Are there any architectural or legal issues that we should be aware of? Based on this input and a good market analysis, we draw up a personal sales plan.

Of course we also make a competitive quote for you without small print. We do not have the ambition to be the cheapest broker. The best and ultimately the most affordable.

2. Your home in the spotlight

If the assignment has been awarded to our office, we will get to work for you with enthusiasm. We want to present your house as beautiful and as good as possible. After proper preparation together with our sales stylist, a professional photographer will take beautiful photos of your home. We also provide a video, 360° photos, clear floor plans and appealing sales texts.

Is the house dated? We can show the possibilities of the house by means of a computer animation. For example, is there a better layout? Then we create an alternative floor plan. In this way we ensure that potential buyers see that they can turn your house into their dream home.

3. Get and keep attention

Do we have all the documents and the file complete? Is the presentation ready? Then the sale can begin. We are not going to put everything on Funda blindly, but “launch” the sale with a well-considered plan. Within a few hours we will draw attention to your home via various platforms. Our own database of searchers is used, we deploy campaigns on social media, the house is on our own site with more than 15,000 visitors per month and we put the house on Pararius and of course Funda. In short, we ensure that your home grabs and retains attention. We also do not shy away from creative solutions when needed.

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4. The perfect match

Even before the “for sale” sign is in the garden and the house has been put on Funda, we are already proactively looking for the perfect match. During a viewing, we make every effort to make viewers enthusiastic about your home. We take our time, answer all questions and strive for a happy seller and a happy buyer. Together with you, we coordinate the viewings and the strategy. Will it be a sale by tender or just an old-fashioned negotiation? Whichever strategy we choose, we will make the best deal for you.

5. Organize everything properly

Once the negotiations are over and we have a verbal agreement, we will move on to the next step. In no time we have drawn up a sound NVM deed of sale containing all important agreements with the buyer. Once this document has been reviewed by both parties, signatures can be made. This can be done digitally or personally at our office. Also in the period after signing, we monitor the process (together with the civil-law notary) and we take care of the final inspection and the transfer at the civil-law notary.

Drinking coffee together?
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The advantages of Maas as a sales broker

  • Sales agent in the Eindhoven region since 1929
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and involved team
  • Free intake interview, honest and objective advice
  • Sell your home without surprises, but with an all-in quote (including advertisements and Funda)
  • Clear agreements, laid down in an NVM assignment
  • You only pay brokerage when selling
  • Always available, even outside office hours
  • Your goal is our goal; we do our utmost to achieve this!

Tip! Ask about the favorable conditions during a free intake interview and valuation of your home by one of our NVM estate agents.

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