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Buying a house in Eindhoven

You have decided to buy a new house in the Eindhoven region. You no longer want to rent and build something or your current owner-occupied home is too small or too large. There are so many more reasons why someone wants to buy another house. That makes it so interesting for us as a broker. On this page we try to guide you a bit in purchasing your new dream home.

A good basis is the foundation

The first step is an inventory of the financial possibilities. Based on the information provided, our mortgage advisor can give you a clear picture of the maximum you could finance and what the monthly costs would be. If you already own a home, it is wise to have us do a no-obligation valuation before the meeting with the mortgage adviser. You then know exactly what the excess value can be.

# Tip: A calculation of your maximum mortgage online only gives a rough indication. In some cases, the actual maximum mortgage can be considerably lower. For example through a private lease, debts, alimony or a flexible employment contract. It can also sometimes be higher, for example in an energy-efficient home. With a good mortgage advice you know for sure!

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Your housing wishes

If you have the financial picture in order, then it is a good time to take a good look at your living wishes.

  • Where do I want to live?
  • What type of home?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Big garden?
  • Do I still want to do odd jobs or renovate?

Nowadays, the theme of sustainability is of course also an important item when choosing your new home. Do you go for the energy-efficient recently built house with label A ++ or would you rather go for that charming 1930s house.


Now that you know what your financial picture is and you have an overview of your housing needs, it is time for a good orientation on Funda. You can now check in the current range whether your budget and wishes match the range. If it turns out that there is very little supply within your search profile, you still have to make concessions. For example, you can expand your search area, look at a house with some work or a smaller house.

#Tip: A house that has been on the market for a little longer sometimes also offers the opportunity for a negotiation. You can investigate whether the asking price is not too high and whether there is room in the price.

The viewing

You have a home in mind that seems to meet your expectations. Time to request a viewing. But what should you pay attention to during a viewing? There is only one correct answer here. On everything! To help you on your way, we have listed a few points of interest here:

  • What are the surrounding neighbours? Is it neat?
  • How’s the outside maintenance?
  • Do you see cracks or damp spots in the facade?
  • Has the roof ever been replaced?
  • How is the layout?
  • What is the quality of the finish on the walls and ceilings?
  • Do all doors and windows close?
  • Do you see damp spots or cracks?
  • How old are the installations?
  • Have renovations been done recently? (Or something camouflaged!)
  • How is the insulation and sustainability?

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Further research

If you are still super excited after the viewing, then it is time for further investigation. After all, as a buyer you have an obligation to investigate when buying a house and you should not take this lightly. You buy a house in the condition it was in at the time of purchase. So including all visible and invisible defects that do not hinder the use as a home.

The seller has a reporting obligation and must provide you with all information that may be important to you when purchasing. A seller may sometimes not even be aware of a defect.

Key research points:

  • Structural condition? Is a structural survey required?
  • Environment. Is anything known to the municipality or in older deeds?
  • Destination and permits? What is in the zoning plan?
  • Legal? Are there any legal restrictions on the plot?

The negotiation & offer

If you have researched everything and there are no obstacles to purchase, then it is time for an exciting part. The negotiation! There are different sales procedures, each with its own way of approaching it for a successful purchase. Ask the selling broker what the bidding procedure is. It is important that you set a certain budget in advance and that you do not go (far) over it.

You can make an offer via Move.nl or by e-mail. Possibly with an (oral) explanation. The bid contains the following items:

  • Price
  • Desired transfer
  • Reservation Financing and amount (if desired)
  • Subject to structural inspection (Yes or No
  • Other wishes (e.g. certain items for acquisition)

# Tip: Bid realistically, with a ridiculously low bid, a seller will not “give” you the house in competition.

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The purchase agreement

Do you have an agreement with the selling party? The selling broker will draw up a contract containing all important agreements. Most brokers use the NVM model purchase deed. Check this deed carefully and quickly, because the purchase right is only valid after signing and you have bought a house. As a buyer, you have a legal cooling-off period of 3 days after signing and receipt of the deed.

Your own broker

The above is a brief summary of what is involved in the purchase of a house or apartment. Every situation is different and requires a certain approach and matching strategy. Do you want optimal support in this? Let yourself be assisted by a certified NVM purchase broker.

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