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The notary

If you buy a house in the Netherlands, you always have to go to the notary for the formal transfer of the purchased property. This is anchored in our legislation and, unlike many other countries, is very well regulated in the Netherlands.

In most cases, the notary is selected and paid by the buyer, but is always a neutral third party in the transaction. The notary arranges all legal matters surrounding the transfer.

Based on the signed purchase agreement, the notary draws up the deed of conveyance, monitors various deadlines such as providing the bank guarantee and other obligations, carries out several checks before and after the transfer and writes a copy of the deed of delivery in the public registers. from the land registry.

Buy and sell safely

In addition to the administrative handling of the process, the notary also monitors the finances and the origin of the funds. The cash flows go through the notary’s third party account. Payment will only be made to the selling party once all checks have been made. In practice, this is one or two working days after the transfer has taken place.

Transfer tax

If you buy an existing house, you as a buyer pay transfer tax. The rate depends on your age, purchase price and for what purpose you are purchasing the house. The rate varies from 0% to 10.4%. Read more about transfer tax here.

Notary and the real estate agent

As a real estate agent, we deal with notaries in the Eindhoven region on a daily basis. If you have purchased a house from us, you are free to choose the notary for the transfer yourself. There may be a difference in rates between one notary office and another. But there is also a lot of difference in the approach and quality. Unfortunately, you often only notice this when something is wrong.

A move is also a great time to arrange everything properly together:

Mortgage deed
Cohabitation agreement
And much more.

We have good experiences with the notaries below and we enjoy working together:

  1. Notaris Broekmans
  2. Marks Wachters Notarissen
  3. Notaris Houtepen
  4. Van der Veer Notariaat
You can view the special Maas brokers rates for some notaries here:
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