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Sales styling & more

For an optimal sales result, the presentation of your house is super important. Of course you want beautiful photos and an appealing video to appear on our website and Funda. This makes the home easier to find and view. The chance of serious viewers and good bids will of course also increase.

If you have enjoyed living somewhere for years, you are often “blind” to your own interior and home. It’s your way of living and living and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, a potential buyer looks at it differently. With a tidy house, an interior that is as neutral as possible and some minor repairs you ensure a faster match. One of our stylists can give you free advice on this

Art impressions

For some homes, styling alone is not enough. We can then use the most modern techniques to virtually restyle and furnish a home. In this way, a prospective buyer can still get a better insight into the effect of a (small) renovation.

We have already used this method in the market with great success. Of course we always show the current situation to candidates.

Alternative floor plans

It sometimes happens that your home can offer much more than the current layout. Think of a better layout, extra room, more light, kitchen, etc. We regularly add an alternative floor plan in order to attract a larger audience for a home.


"Sales styling really adds something for your sales"
I would like to visit you when we are going to sell your house
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