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How do you make the winning bid?

In the current overstressed housing market there is a lot of demand and little supply. It often happens that you are not the only prospective buyer interested in the home. In some cases more than 30 people come to view. The selling agent will often also make a sale by registration. In this case you must make a one-time final bid for a certain period of time. How do you win the bid without pushing through all your financial limits?

We have listed a number of useful tips for you.

Do your research

As a buyer you have a legal obligation to investigate. It is therefore important that you read all the documents provided, explore the area thoroughly and take a good look at the house during the viewing. Leave the “rose-colored glasses” at home during the viewing and ask the selling agent questions. If necessary, ask the questions afterwards. This is no problem. If you are not well known in the area, drive through the street and neighborhood at different times.

We have made a handy checklist for you:

  1. Read the NVM questionnaire carefully
  2. What is left behind in the home (list of items)
  3. What is the neighborhood like and are the neighbors?
  4. Are there any major structural defects or what is the maintenance like?
  5. Are there any plans in the area? O.a. can be found at www.ruimtelijkespelen.nl or Google the address.
  6. With a VVE, check all documents, MJOPs, etc.


Now that you have gotten a good impression of the house and the neighborhood during the viewing and you are still enthusiastic, it gets really exciting. How are you going to translate all your impressions and expectations into a “winning bid” in a responsible manner? It is important to get the financial picture in order now.

What can I borrow?

Make sure you carefully find out where your financial possibilities and impossibilities lie. What can I borrow? What does it cost? It is wise to involve your financial advisor in this. A simple online check on the internet is not sufficient and can entail a major risk.

What is the fair value of the house?

Try to get an idea of what similar homes in the area have sold for. Have they been for sale for a long time? Is the asking price realistic, too low or too high? If you buy the house above the asking price but above the appraised value, you will have to contribute more of your own money.

Financial checklist:

– What can I borrow?
– How long does the application take?
– Do I have to contribute/demonstrate my own resources?
– What is the fair value indication of the home?
– How much would I be willing to pay to get the house?

Hire an expert

It’s a little bit like “We at Toilet Duck recommend Toilet Duck”. Do you have little experience and are you unsure? It is actually very wise to always engage your own purchasing agent who will represent your interests. You don’t buy a house every day and it is nice to have your own expert on your side. With a trained eye, an NVM purchasing agent naturally sees much more, knows the customs and rules and, above all, you get a realistic insight into the value of the home. In addition, everything is also legally tested for you. A selling agent also often likes it if a professional agent also represents the interests of the buyer.

NB! A mortgage advisor is not a purchasing agent. The selling agent, no matter how friendly, acts on behalf of the seller.

The winning bid

If you have researched everything carefully and you really want the house or apartment, you can include these points in your bid. In addition to the financial aspect, a seller also looks at the preconditions. A seller naturally wants the highest offer, but also the certainty that everything will go ahead and be handled quickly.


Enter an amount that you fully support and that is financially responsible. If you bid above the asking price, assume that you may have to contribute more of your own resources.


If you are flexible, please indicate this in your offer or refer to the selling party’s preferred date. (Remember the validity period of mortgage quotes!)


A seller naturally wants as few conditions as possible in his contract. This includes the financial reservation and the technical inspection. However, not including conditions is not without risks.

  • – Financing reservation: Most buyers will include this in their bid and it is common practice. You can indicate that, for example, you need a lower amount (i.e. your own resources) and that the mortgage has been properly checked. Tip: mention the mortgage advisor so that the broker knows that you are well prepared.
  • – Conditions for structural inspection: A building inspection gives you as a buyer more certainty when you buy a house. Especially in an older home. It is an additional “uncertainty” for the seller. If you do the inspection before signing, it will take a lot of time before the purchase is actually closed. If you include a reservation in the deed of sale, this is faster, but the amount included must be realistic in relation to the size, price range and age/condition of the home.

A personal note:

The sellers do not know you and rely on the picture that the real estate agent paints based on the viewing and the offer. It can sometimes be smart to tell a little more about yourself and your family. It can generate extra trust and sympathy during an award if the bids are very close to each other.

You have the winning bid!

Congratulations! An important step has been taken in the purchase of your new dream home. It is now very important that you receive an NVM purchase agreement signed by both parties as soon as possible.

An oral agreement is not binding for real estate and if a higher offer is received, the estate agent must always submit it to the sellers!

A few important points at a glance:

  1. An oral purchase is not binding and not legally valid
  2. Check the deed of sale, but also the list of items and NVM questionnaire!
  3. Quickly sign an NVM model purchase agreement (*see our video)
  4. As a buyer, you always have a legal reflection period of 3 days
  5. Start your mortgage application immediately
  6. Choose a notary near the home