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Silent sale in Eindhoven

Your house in the silent sale? We take your worries away from you. Your house will not have a ‘for sale’ sign in the garden and you choose where you want to be visible online or not.

Every year we discreetly sell various homes without a sign or Funda. This can be a request from the owner or a strategic choice. We are happy to tell you more about it.

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Why put your house in Eindhoven on the silent sale?

  • For privacy or security reasons;
  • You don’t want everyone to know that your home is for sale;
  • You have a longer acceptance period;
  • Because you are still looking for a new home;
  • You only want to sell under certain conditions.

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Want to put a house up for sale yourself?

A silent sale ensures that the house cannot be viewed by just anyone. Because of this silent sale you will only receive requests from people who are really interested in the property and who are willing to make an offer.

This is how you put your house on silent sale:

If you indicate to us that you want to make use of silent sales, our broker will visit you for the home inspection and we will provide a realistic recommended price. This forms the basis of a sales plan that we develop entirely to measure. With an agreement, we will guide you during the sales period, the negotiations and the purchase agreement in the final sale. We have been active as a broker in Eindhoven for over 90 years and have an enormous network.

“Even with silent sales, we always go for the best result”

Sell quickly?

A silent sale can go very quickly. Sometimes within a few days, but this depends on market conditions, your house, conditions and price range. If you are in a huge hurry, it can be smart to put the house directly on Funda. Or to incorporate this into a good strategy. We are happy to talk to you to look at your options.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of silent sales?
We are happy to visit you for clear advice and a powerful strategy.
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