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Sell your villa with Maas Makelaars

We are the sales specialist in the Eindhoven region and know exactly what to do to sell your villa or country house at the best offer and under the best conditions. Thanks to our many years of experience in selling villas, our extensive network and broad knowledge of the market in the Eindhoven region, we achieve the very best results. We put your villa in the spotlight and put the dots on the i during the viewing. Based on your wishes, we determine the best sales strategy. One that works and that makes you feel good, because your goal = our goal.

Why Maas Makelaars for the sale of your villa?

Although as a family broker we do not only focus on homes in the higher segment, we sell more detached houses per year than most brokers who only operate in the higher segment. Our clientele and network include a cross-section of the Dutch population, from professionals to Quote 500 members.

The copper in the high segment can no longer be classified as classically as it used to be. Today we deal with young (Tech) professionals, expats, athletes and entrepreneurs who buy in this segment. This simply requires a modern and above all customer-friendly approach.

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Villa Meerhoven

5 important pillars, in addition to a good sales plan, for successful sales in the higher segment:

  • Good presentation with correct information
  • Use of the most modern techniques to market the home online and offline
  • Fair pricing and no castles in the air
  • Attention to both buyer and seller
  • Accessible no-nonsense broker and his team
  • Are you looking for a real estate agent in Eindhoven?

    We are happy to help you:

  • Experienced, knowledgeable and highly committed team
  • Funda rating of 9.3
  • Leading in the Eindhoven region
  • Active as a real estate agent in Eindhoven for 90 years
  • Largest network of buyers and sellers
  • Free no-obligation intake interview
  • Always a fixed point of contact
  • Always available, even outside office hours
  • No surprises, but a clear all-in offer
  • Only pay commission when selling
  • Villa Makelaar Meerhoven

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    Discreet, realistic and always with a plan
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    Joris is een zeer fijne makelaar! Onze eerste kennismaking was bij een bezichtiging van een huis dat we niet gekocht hebben. Omdat we zeer tevreden waren over hoe Joris ons als potentiële kopers benaderde hebben we hem uitgenodigd toen we ons eigen huis wilden verkopen. Joris heeft een goede kennis van de woningmarkt en heeft ons tijdens het hele proces van de intake tot de overdracht goed begeleid. De rust die hij uitstraalt en de tijd die hij voor je neemt voor de terugkoppeling na bezichtigen vonden we super fijn. Ook met de binnendienst verliep het maken van afspraken soepel. Dus als je een goede makelaar zoekt dan kunnen we Maas Makelaars zeker aanbevelen!
    Verkopers Purmerstraat 7 Eindhoven Written on 09 mei 2023