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Selling an apartment in Son en Breugel?

Do you want to sell your apartment in Son en Breugel and are you looking for the best NVM sales agent? Then Maas Makelaars is happy to help you!

Are you considering selling your apartment in Son en Breugel? Then you need a real estate agent who has a lot of experience in the region, has a broad network and extensive knowledge of the Son en Breugel housing market. Maas Makelaar meets all these criteria and is happy to help you sell your apartment in Son en Breugel quickly and successfully. Whether you live east or west of the Dommel, on the canal or near the highway, Maas Makelaars will always find the best buyer for your apartment. We put your apartment in the spotlight and ensure that interested parties get a good first impression during the viewing. Your broker determines the sales strategy together with you, after all you know best what the advantages and disadvantages of your apartment are.

A good sales plan

To sell an apartment in Son en Breugel, it is important to have a well-thought-out strategy and a good plan of action. The brokers of Maas Makelaars always ensure that they have all relevant information in a row, so that they can properly inform potential buyers about the area, the apartment and the VVE. On the basis of professional photos, appealing sales texts and an interactive video, the potential buyer quickly gets a good picture of the home. As a result, home seekers are more likely to come to a viewing and make an offer. We pull out all the stops to sell your apartment in Son en Breugel quickly and successfully!

Determine the target group

In order to determine the right sales strategy, we must first determine for which target group your apartment is suitable. Because you as a resident know best, we determine our strategy together with you. Is the apartment accessible by elevator or is there only a staircase? Is it split level or is it single storey? Based on this kind of information, we can determine whether the apartment is suitable for the elderly or whether we should target a younger target group. With the right strategy, we will sell your apartment in Son en Breugel together!

Apartment law

Ervaring heeft ons geleerd dat veel mensen die voor het eerst een appartement kopen weinig bekend zijn met het appartementsrecht. Het is belangrijk dat kopers hier goed over geïnformeerd worden, zodat ze later niet voor verrassingen komen te staan. Dankzij de jarenlange ervaring van Maas Makelaars in Son en Breugel, zijn we bekend in de meeste appartementencomplexen in het dorp. Hierdoor kunnen onze makelaars potentiële kopers goed informeren over de regels die gelden in het gebouw en de kosten voor het onderhoud van de gemeenschappelijke ruimtes.

Free valuation

Do you want to know what your apartment is worth before you put it up for sale? Or do you want to know what your financial options are for buying a new home when selling your apartment? Then have a free, no-obligation valuation carried out by the experienced brokers of Maas Makelaars. Contact us for an appointment or do the quick online valuation yourself.

Selling your apartment in Son en Breugel is done with Maas Makelaars

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and highly committed team
  • An average rating on Funda of 9.3
  • We have been active as a real estate agent in Son en Breugel and the surrounding area for 90 years
  • The largest network of buyers and sellers in the region
  • Come by for a free, no-obligation intake interview
  • Always a fixed broker as point of contact
  • Your broker is always available, even in the evenings and weekends
  • A clear all-in offer
  • Brokerage only on sale

Are you coming to meet us?

When selling your apartment, you don’t go ice cream overnight. We understand that you first want answers to all your questions before you decide to sell your home with us. We are therefore happy to schedule an introductory meeting, in which we get to know each other and in which we answer all your questions. Call 040 244 54 55 or email info@maasmakelaars to make an appointment.

Can we help?
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