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New construction

Since the establishment of Maas Makelaars, we have been involved in the sale of various new construction projects in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. Many of the current characteristic 1930s homes in Eindhoven have therefore been sold by our office.

Even today we are involved in the sale of various new construction projects in and around Eindhoven. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are at home in all markets and we enjoy working together with larger and smaller developers. We prefer to be approached by a developer during the design phase, as we know exactly what the buyer’s housing needs are today.

Nieuwbouw Eindhoven

Sell differently

Selling a new home is completely different from selling an existing home. It requires a completely different approach, including in the field of legal aspects and the new construction process. In addition, a buyer must buy a home from a drawing and one must fully empathize with the project. With our experience and modern means such as realistic art impressions, we can enthuse a potential buyer.

We tell the buyer a clear and concise story, we provide them with useful information and useful tips. We also provide buyers with extensive legal explanations, such as the Housing Deposit Agreement. This removes a great deal of uncertainty from buyers and they therefore confidently sign the purchase and building contract with us.

Do you have a new construction project, big or small? We are happy to give our opinion. We are happy to show our added value for your project!