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Maas Makelaars is a household name as a real estate agent in Nuenen. We are happy to tell you what this village has to offer.

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Trusted in Nuenen

Our office has had a strong bond with Nuenen for years and we feel at home in Nuenen. Our real estate agent Casper Mol lives in Nuenen himself and is aware of everything that is going on in the village. In addition, he has built up a large network in Nuenen and beyond.

Living in Nuenen

The beautiful village of Nuenen is very centrally located between the larger cities of Eindhoven and Helmond. Together with the church villages of Gerwen and Nederwetten, this place forms a municipality. The village now has 23,826 inhabitants.

Maas Makelaars has been active as a real estate agent in Nuenen for years and we can tell you with certainty that Nuenen is a village with a beating heart: the picturesque park with the characteristic kiosk and the many cozy terraces around it provide a unique and very pleasant atmosphere. In the center of Nuenen there are also numerous shopping facilities and various iconic buildings and monuments, including the beautifully designed church and the cultural center of the village: the monastery.

Park Nuenen Makelaar

Picturesque village

Nuenen is a tourist attraction because of its close relationship with Vincent van Gogh. This makes the village almost literally a picturesque village. Vincent van Gogh made his most beautiful and best-known paintings in the two years that he lived in Nuenen. After all these years, this Dutch master painter still brings about a lot. People come from all over the world to see the Collse water mill, the Van Gogh church, the stately home where he lived and the Opwetten water mill, among other things.

The Oud Nuenen district is located against the center. Because of its central location and the spacious layout of the neighborhood, this part of the village has always been very popular. The houses on the south side of Nuenen were mainly built in the 1970s. The neighborhoods have been realized around the Kernkwartier shopping center and are characterized by the wide variety of types of homes and architectural styles.

Maas Makelaars is your real estate agent in Nuenen

Because we connect the city with the village, we have an extra large buyer group for your home or apartment.

Figures from the NVM show that almost 60% of buyers do not come from Nuenen itself. This information and our experience with expats and ASML provide an extra opportunity in the market. In addition, we see many people make the step towards the village after selling their home in the city.

We have also built up a large network within Nuenen in almost 100 years.

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We are the real estate agent for you if you want to sell, buy or have a house appraised in Nuenen.

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