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Eindhoven Makelaars

“Your broker in the Brainport Region”

Our work area

For almost 100 years we have been active from our office in the Greater Eindhoven region, nowadays the Brainpoort region. We help many people move from the city to the surrounding villages and vice versa. With the arrival of many international home buyers, the market has become extremely dynamic.

Selling a house in Eindhoven

We have had a leading position in Eindhoven in terms of sales and purchases for many years. We know the city through and through and really feel at home here. Since 1929 we have successfully sold thousands of houses and built up a large network. With this large network of buyers and sellers, we can quickly make the right match in Eindhoven.

Selling a house outside Eindhoven

We are also well represented in the surrounding villages and we achieve excellent results. Our brokers also have a large social network in a number of villages because they live or have lived here themselves. By choosing our office instead of the “local” real estate agent, the exposure for your home becomes many times greater and literally crosses borders. In addition to the local buyer from the village, we connect with the entire Brainport region and beyond.

We are active as a broker and appraiser in the following places:

Nuenen Gerwen and Nederwetten
Son & Breugel
In addition, you will see us regularly in Heeze, Leende, Valkenswaard and Helmond
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