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Your mortgage

Financing your new home starts with good mortgage advice. Our mortgage advisor is happy to discuss the financing for your home with you.

Buying a house is a big step

We help you take this step. Because whether you are buying a house for the first time or whether you are growing, it is important that the mortgage fits your situation. And even if you are going to refinance your mortgage, it is essential to make a good inventory of your wishes in advance. Our financial advisor will go through the various aspects of mortgage advice with you and help you take this step.

Shall we look at your options together?
Good advice is the foundation of your housing career

Considering your wishes together

By considering what is important to you, we choose a mortgage that really suits you. Questions such as ‘What will I pay for the purchase of my future home and what are the monthly costs?’ are decisive for your mortgage. Because beyond the purchase price, it is essential to know what your wishes are.

What do you lose monthly?

It is of course important to know how much you can borrow at most, it is even more important to know how much this will cost you monthly. Owning your own house is nice, but you also want to keep doing fun things. How much extra can and do you want to spend on monthly mortgage payments? Calculating your monthly payments can be very complicated. The amount of these charges differ per mortgage. It is important that the monthly costs fit easily into your financial picture.


Everything you need for a mortgage that suits you

The advantage of our own independent mortgage advisor is a personal approach and the service you are used to from us. Want to know more about our mortgage advisor and mortgage advice? Then take a look at the website. In addition to our mortgage service, we also help you with insurance and the complete completion that comes with buying a house.

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