Buying a house in Eindhoven: 5 things you need to know

Are you looking at buying a house in Eindhoven? Welcome! We’re very excited to have you become a part of this great city of ours. Or maybe you’re already part of it and are just looking for something new. In both cases it would be smart to keep in mind the ‘Dutch way’ of buying a house. Here are a few small pointers that will help you get an advantage in a competitive market. Maybe it will even help you get the house of your dreams!

Dutch people are punctual, so make sure you’re on time

In the Netherlands, time is of the essence. People are busy and keeping someone waiting is never appreciated. If you do get delayed for an appointment with the mortgage adviser or the real estate agent beyond your control, call ahead as early as you can to let them know you are delayed. Gestures like these are always very welcome, and will likely get rid of any negativity surrounding the cancellation. 

Not coming? Always call to cancel

Sometimes life gets in the way. But if you are not able to make it to a private showing, make sure to call ahead and cancel the appointment as soon as you know you can’t make itl. Doing so is very appreciated and keeps you in good graces with the real estate agent! Your relationship with the real estate agent can be vital to getting the house of your dreams.

Schedule an appointment with a mortgage adviser

Another important thing when buying a house in Eindhoven: talking to the mortgage adviser. Before buying a house in the Netherlands it is always important to know how much you could realistically spend. Talking to a mortgage adviser informs your real estate agent about the type of house you would be able to buy. Plus: potential sellers will see you as a trustworthy buyer. This gives you a big advantage in a sellers market.

In Holland: a deal is a deal, after 3 days

So, you’ve put in an offer on a house and it’s accepted. Congratulations! Dutch law says that from the moment you sign the agreement to buy, you have 3 days ‘bedenktijd’. Simply put, this means you have 3 days to change your mind. After that, the sale is final and you are technically the owner of the house.

Houses are gone quickly, so be decisive

Currently, the Netherlands is a big seller’s market when it comes to houses. They are going quickly, and usually over the asking price. So if you’ve seen a house you really love, don’t be afraid to act quickly. Your real estate agent can advise you on the best sales tactics. Different sellers have different approaches, and having a real estate agent that knows the market well can give you a huge advantage.

Tapping into Dutch culture and knowing the way to communicate with Dutch people can give you the edge you need to find your dream home. You also need a real estate agent who knows the market well. We can help you with that. Schedule an appointment through the form at the bottom. Completely